• Makeup

    Peaches & Cream was founded in 2003 from Kate & Nicola's mutual LOVE of makeup. In the last 3 years we've taken everything we've learnt to create our own range of Strip Eyelashes and Eyeshadow pigments so that you can now 'Peach' yourself at home! We are also excited to stock an amazing range of Lit Cosmetics loose glitters than can be used to recreate Peaches infamous 'Glitter Smokes'!

  • Hair World

    Peaches clients LOVE big hair! Nicky J our in-house hair wizard has designed her own range of Peaches & Cream hairpieces that can be used to re create the gorgeous hair styles that Peaches is famed for, be it an amazing swirly undo or a simple sleek ponytail!

  • Peaches Video Tutorials

    We now have an official YouTube channel with all the goings on from Peaches and plenty of tutorials.

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